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innovations 4/2019
innovations 4/2019


  • Molding machines at K show 
  • Peripheral devices at K show 
  • Etzel (Germany) acts energy-efficient 
  • The Vogt (Switzerland) molding machines 
  • Güçsan (Turkey) counts on WITTMANN 
  • News from the Serbian, German and British subsidiaries


innovations 3/2019
innovations 3/2019


  • MAFLEX, Italy: Quality leap through TEMI+
  • YONWOO, Korea: MicroPower Machines
  • aquatherm, Germany: Large parts
  • WITTMANN Group LIM solutions
  • SANIT, Germany: Record holding flow control device
  • News from the Turkish and Italian subsidiaries


innovations 2/2019
innovations 2/2019


  • The DMT 4.0 working cell
  • Cooper Standard in Poland
  • High-end automotive parts
  • Vertical molding expertise
  • WITTMANN robots in Russia
  • Group News


innovations 4/2018
innovations 4/2018


  • Fakuma: New VPower has arrived
  • Automation and peripherals at the Fakuma show
  • IML: Stiplastics and the WITTMANN Group
  • The DAIGLER (Germany) recipe for success
  • The HIRT (Germany) micro 6-axis high-tech cell
  • WITTMANN automation at LEIFHEIT
  • The WAREMA central system in Hungary
  • News from France, Sweden, an the Czech Repuclic


innovations 3/2018
innovations 3/2018


  • Metal Injection Molding at Mimest, Italy
  • Swiss prime quality from the Prewag AG
  • How Midwest Molding, USA, uses WITTMANN robots
  • Test series: natural fibers straight from the ATON dryer
  • Vignesh, India: highest quality through WITTMANN
  • Simon: Spanish lighting specialist counts on WITTMANN
  • New: the S-Max series fo screenless granulators
  • WITTMANN BATTENFELD India still growing
  • Fourth Extension of WITTMANN BATTENFELD Mexico


innovations 2/2018
innovations 2/2018


  • Galvanized parts: perfect surfaces
  • Oldrati, Italy: innovative molding technology
  • WITTMANN 4.0 Plug & Produce
  • Green, China, operates 180 WITTMANN robots
  • Intertech, USA, uses WITTMANN robots and wins award
  • White Horse, UK, relies on WITTMANN BATTENFELD
  • Stadelmann, Austria, saves energy with DRYMAX units
  • 9,000th W818 Robot goes to HUHN, Germany


innovations 1/2018
innovations 1/2018


  • MES software in injection molding
  • JSC Apex in Russia relies on the WITTMANN Group 
  • The Liebherr Bulgaria conveying/recycling system
  • The fortell central system in the Czech Republic
  • PLASSON in Israel uses WITTMANN robots
  • Portrait of the Canadian subsidiary
  • Convention of experts in Nuremberg 2017
  • 25th anniversary of the Spanish subsidiary   


innovations 4/2017 – Fakuma issue
innovations 4/2017 – Fakuma issue


  • New injection molding solutions
  • TEMPRO with SpeedDrive and FLOWCON plus
  • The digital robot twin
  • WITTMANN cyber security
  • WITTMANN 4.0 and the ATON dryer
  • The UPT-Optik high-precision optical parts
  • Ensinger keeps on growing
  • The 3A Plastics central system
  • The HN Group tempering solution
  • The Slovakian branch's first year
  • Supplier Excellence Award 2016
  • Flex Preferred Supplier Award 2017


innovations 3/2017
innovations 3/2017


  • Successful insert molding
  • Buzek processes PVAL
  • The PT. WIK central system
  • G-Max 33 put to test
  • Tempering: Highest reliability
  • Robots optimizing processes
  • Successful in the UK
  • Portrait of the Belgian branch
  • Expansion in the Czech Republic
  • Kacper Kania crossed the Atlantic


innovations 2/2017
innovations 2/2017


  • The W837 IML lid-system
  • LMBK: compact working cells
  • Teflon micro precision parts
  • The REINERT central system
  • News from the WITTMANN Group


innovations 1/2017
innovations 1/2017


  • Automation at Jaeger Poway (China)
  • The new TEMPRO software features
  • DRYMAX with FC plus functionality
  • Axjo as the customer of our Swedish agent
  • Moto Tassinari (USA) and WITTMANN BATTENFELD
  • Exceptional growth at Linear Plastics (UK)
  • News from the WITTMANN Group


innovations 4/2016
innovations 4/2016


  • Highlights of K Show 2016
  • JUNIOR 3 Compact granulator tests
  • TEMPRO for lightweight Carbon
  • India: Drying and conveying at Havells
  • Germany: Ackermann's molding machinery
  • Italy: Elteks's micro molding strategy
  • David Preusse honored with award


innovations 3/2016
innovations 3/2016


  • Stüdli (CH) uses the MacroPower
  • High-class products for ERF, Taiwan
  • The 7.000th W818 goes to: Kroma, Germany
  • FLOWCON plus optimizes processes
  • 100 machines for Hayco
  • New WITMMANN subsidiary in Poland
  • 40 years of WITTMANN


innovations 2/2016
innovations 2/2016


  • Precise automotive parts
  • High-quality baby buggies
  • Perfect IML packaging
  • Two robots, "hand in hand"
  • The GOTMAR central system
  • The new WFC retrofitting kit
  • Chips at the highest stage
  • News from the USA, Austria, and Singapore


innovations 1/2016
innovations 1/2016


  • Molding complex automotive parts
  • Liquid silicone molding
  • The TEMPRO plus D excells
  • IML with 3D design
  • ServoPower automation solution
  • WITTMANN conveying System in China
  • Malaysian Manufacturer counts on WITTMANN
  • New South African WITTMANN Group agency


innovations 4/2015
innovations 4/2015


  • RT-CAD, Austria: From the idea to the part
  • Wiegelmann, Germany: Quality in the automotive field
  • OneSeal, Denmark: Making more from less
  • AMRAZ, Israel: IML-production of cups
  • The new FLOWCON plus water flow controller
  • The path to better blending
  • South Korean automation expertise
  • Handling of bike parts at SMIPL, India
  • News from the WITTMANN Group subsidiaries


innovations 3/2015
innovations 3/2015


  • Producing the famous SEB Group brands
  • Automation at Sacel in Italy
  • Tessy Plastics and their medical production
  • Interplex China and the WITTMANN Group
  • Central system at FRANK plastic, Germany
  • Sucessful NPE 2015
  • MacroPower Days 2015


innovations 2/2015
innovations 2/2015


  • Greenland Plastics using WITTMANN automation
  • The central system at Gerresheimer in China
  • Workcell integration at Alliance, USA
  • Top-quality molding at Fushima, Spain
  • Resource-saving production at Tielke, Germany
  • WiBa QuickLook app: work cell remote control
  • Portrait: WITTMANN Kunststoffgeräte, Vienna


innovations 1/2015
innovations 1/2015


  • The ServoPower saves energy
  • Molding highest quality parts
  • TML's new product of success
  • Perfect special tempering solution
  • Slovenian molder relies on the WITTMANN Group
  • Jones in Mexico and WITTMANN automation
  • Delivery of the 10,000th W8 robot


innovations 4/2014
innovations 4/2014


  • agna: energy efficiency with the EcoPower
  • HiQ Shaping for perfects parts
  • Procopi and their WITTMANN BATTENFELD systems
  • Material management at SLM in Germany
  • WITTMANN automates STAR PLASTIK in Turkey
  • DELPHI: clean cooling channels with TEMPRO units
  • Open House event in Torrington, USA
  • The 10,000th W8 robot


innovations 3/2014
innovations 3/2014


  • Advanced plastics technology made to measure for SMEs
  • Top micro parts for patient benefits
  • Harborcreek, PA: Port Erie Plastics is all in on automation
  • WITTMANN supporting HELLA Mexico to continue "giving light"
  • CELLMOULD® Foam Symposium in Meinerzhagen
  • BRUDER receives the 3,333rd W818 servo robot


innovations 2/2014
innovations 2/2014


  • Perfect In-Mold Decoration at Wahl in Hungary
  • Philips relying on WITTMANN BATTENFELD
  • CELLMOULD® foam parts
  • The new Pollman central system from WITTMANN
  • WITTMANN BATTENFELD EcoPower machine at Tru Group, UK


innovations 1/2014
innovations 1/2014


  • Vertical multi-component molding
  • DRYMAX dryers optimize the WPC process
  • Consistent automation for highest productivity
  • TEMPRO temperature controllers use waste heat
  • WITTMANN BATTENFELD machines at Chin Tai Plastic


innovations 4/2013
innovations 4/2013


  • The Backhaus success
  • IMIW: clean and safe incapsulation
  • IML, a multifaceted process
  • Precision dosing for safe rail traffic
  • News from the "Waterworld"
  • Robomatik in Germany
  • Growth of the WITTMANN Group's U.S. branch


innovations 3/2013
innovations 3/2013


  • Competence Days 2013
  • The most consistent automation
  • Medical molding and efficiency
  • Innovative molding technology at ESCHA
  • Hoffer Plastics chosses WITTMANN BATTENFELD
  • Guppy Plastics relies on the WITTMANN Group
  • DOPAK in Poland looking ahead optimistically


innovations 2/2013
innovations 2/2013


  • Success in the automotive field with WITTMANN BATTENFELD
  • Latest molding technology at BECK Kunststofftechnik
  • Plastic lenses: pushing the limits of feasibility
  • Customized temperature controller solution for Starlinger
  • WITTMANN materials handling for optimum health
  • The Austrialia and New Zealand branch
  • The Polish WITTMANN BATTENFELD branch


innovations 1/2013
innovations 1/2013


  • MacroPower 1000 at GT Line
  • Praise for the standard machine!
  • Tempering: Quality through optimization
  • Blending at the highest level
  • 4-fold IML with the EcoPower
  • Central granulation system for large parts
  • Our agency in Denmark
  • The agency in Central America
  • The new building in Nuremberg


innovations 4/2012
innovations 4/2012


  • LECHNER and the MacroPower
  • Foamed injection-molded parts with high-quality surface
  • Top-quality, zero-reject production is possible
  • Saving energy in material-drying
  • The most compact termperature controller
  • Greiner Bio One and the EcoPower machine
  • Portrait of the Russian WITTMANN Group subsidiary
  • Joint symposium of HASCO and WITTMANN BATTENFELD


innovations 3/2012
innovations 3/2012


  • Production of cases for cosmetics
  • Becoming the Number One through IML systems
  • Remote access to your molding process
  • High quality through automation
  • NICOMATIC uses WITTMANN auxiliaries
  • Bradford University uses the MicroPower
  • WITTMANN Group expands capacities
  • New South African WITTMANN agency
  • Great success at the 2012 NPE


innovations Special Issue Medical Applications
innovations Special Issue Medical Applications

Injection molding applications and automation in the field of medical technology.

innovations 2/2012
innovations 2/2012


  • Produktion of light weight parts at SCHRÖDER
  • PLASTICOM is using an entire solution
  • Temperature control with complete documentation
  • Automation of packaging lids
  • Granulators under the press
  • Philips Austria uses the EcoPower machine
  • WITTMANN and BATTENFELD in Switzerland
  • Indian branch celebrates fifth anniversary
  • WIBA Colombia establishing on the local market


innovations 1/2012
innovations 1/2012


  • The MacroPower for the production of cable ties
  • A successful automated work cell collaboration
  • PET processor uses a WITTMANN central system
  • TEMPRO plus D and automotive parts production
  • The EcoPower machine is used in Thailand
  • Portrait of WIBA Finland Oy
  • Portrait of A. ZOHAR LTD.


innovations 4/2011
innovations 4/2011


  • Our new products at Fakuma 2011
  • Saving energy using the EcoPower machine
  • A drying hopper for every material
  • Multi-component molding: zero error
  • New premises for the Turkish subsidiary
  • New challenges in Italy


innovations 3/2011
innovations 3/2011


  • WAVIN profiting from long lasting partnership
  • The SANIT project: a complete success
  • WITTMANN GRAVIMAX: the art of blending regrind
  • Executing the superior automation of cups and lids
  • Minor 2 granulator leads to successful inline recycling
  • WITTMANN headquarters celebrates Open House event
  • The Viennese Sales and Distribution Department
  • Dräxlmaier Mexiko is using the EcoPower


innovations 2/2011
innovations 2/2011


  • WITTMANN auxiliaries are producing parts for WITTMANN
  • A power pack in the smallest space: DRYMAX Aton
  • BKF in Thailand working with WITTMANN BATTENFELD
  • The right software enables super-fast removal of parts
  • The packaging specialist: TM Xpress
  • The Turkish branch of WITTMANN BATTENFELD
  • WITTMANN BATTENFELD Mexico celebrates Open House


innovations 1/2011
innovations 1/2011


  • WITTMANN linear servo-robots in the clean room
  • Flow measurement and control with online-thermography
  • Injection molding machines with ServoDrive
  • South American manufacturer relies on WITTMANN BATTENFELD
  • The TMP CONVERT grinding solutions
  • The WITTMANN BATTENFELD U.S. open house event
  • WITTMANN Group strengthens EUROGULF partnership
  • Change of leadership at WITTMANN BATTENFELD Mexico


innovations 4/2010
innovations 4/2010


  • The MacroPower - The new benchmark in large machines
  • STELLA relies on WITTMANN BATTENFELD in injection molding
  • WITTMANN R8.2 - The new standard in robot controls
  • New temperature controller with touchscreen: TEMPRO plus D
  • PLASTIPAK: The versatility of quadrangular package design
  • FEEDMAX Primus widens the WITTMANN product series
  • The Sales Team of the WITTMANN Group at K 2010


innovations 3/2010
innovations 3/2010


  • Granulating under explosive conditions
  • The new A.C.S. conveying system
  • BFMOLD™: New technique for quick mold heating-up and cooling
  • LYCRO rotation welding machine with integrated W811 robot
  • MicroPower as the logical future trend in micro molding
  • Water and projectile injection for media carrying lines
  • Portrait of WITTMANN BATTENFELD (India) Pvt Ltd
  • Portrait of DIGI Trading Co. Ltd.


innovations 2/2010
innovations 2/2010


  • DMP producing highest quality using BATTENFELD equipment
  • Ernst Stadelmann Group relies on Wille System
  • The new EcoMode helps getting energy efficient robots
  • A universal benchmark for process-optimized control: TEMPRO
  • Continental: Highly automated production of oil level sensors
  • Energy efficiency tests: DRYMAX getting the best results
  • Portrait of WITTMANN Robot (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.


innovations 1/2010
innovations 1/2010


  • Simply the Best: Our Competence Days 2010
  • WITTMANN BATTENFELD UK works for Thomas Dudley
  • IML with BATTENFELD TM Xpress Machines
  • Mobile Control Unit for AIRMOULD® and AQUAMOULD®
  • The Automation of Agriculturally Used Products
  • Grinding of Ferrite with Minor 2 Granulators
  • The FEEDMAX Family Is Complete!
  • Water Temperature Controller Is Outplaying Thermo-oil Units
  • Portrait of BATTENFELD Italia Srl
  • Portrait of ROBOS d.o.o. Slovenija


innovations 4/2009
innovations 4/2009


  • Mass Production of Toy Wheels
  • wolfcraft Has the Proper Grip
  • Process Data Acquisition: Wille System As a Partner
  • Premiere for the New All-electric EcoPower Series
  • Water Flow Regulators With Flow Measurement / Flow Control
  • New Auger Equipment for MC Central Granulators
  • Energy Claims Under Real World Scrutiny
  • Portrait of WITTMANN BATTENFELD CZ spol. S.r.o.
  • Portrait of WITTMANN BATTENFELD (Taiwan) Co. Ltd.


innovations 3/2009
innovations 3/2009


  • Local Systems Integration in North America
  • Kleiss Gears Saves "Big" with Their Microsystem 50
  • The New TEMPRO direct C120 [250]
  • The New GRAVIMAX 14V Blender
  • Packaging Leader Grows with WITTMANN IML Equipment
  • Central Systems: Perfect Planning Avoids Downtime


innovations 2/2009
innovations 2/2009


  • Horticultural Planter Pot Molder Cultivates Growth with Robots
  • The LISI COSMETICS Central System
  • Gibo Plast Company Enforces Recycling
  • TEMPRO plus C180: New Approved Standard of Quality
  • No Half Mesures: Water Injection for All-Plastic Parts at VW
  • South America: Krona Indústria and WITTMANN BATTENFELD
  • Portrait of BATTENFELD Sverige AB, Sweden
  • Potrait of WITTMANN BATTENFELD Bulgaria EOOD


innovations 1/2009
innovations 1/2009


  • Variothermal Tempering
  • EcoPower: Cost Optimization and Increased Efficiency
  • IT Assisted Services from WITTMANN BATTENFELD
  • Auxiliary Equipment at Delphi Connection Systems in China
  • ABA-PGT: Automation Is Not Only For High Volume
  • Portrait of WITTMANN BATTENFELD ApS, Denmark
  • Portrait of BATTENFELD do Brasil


innovations 4/2008
innovations 4/2008


  • Indo-US MIM Relies On WITTMANN for Metal Injection Molding
  • WITTMANN UK Works With Carclo Technical Plastics
  • WITTMANN Temperature Controllers With DUO Cooling
  • The Metchem Central Material Handling System
  • Portrait of SVERITAL, Our Italian Partner
  • Portrait of WittFinn, Finland


innovations 3/2008
innovations 3/2008


  • Competence Days 2008
  • Automated Production of Injedtion Molding Parts
  • TCUs "Guarding" Injection Molding Machines
  • Optimizing a Material Conveying System
  • DRYMAX Dryers Complete With Energy Rating
  • The New Plant in Chassal
  • Dr. Wittmann Receives SPE Award 2008
  • Portrait of WITTMANN BATTENFELD Benelux
  • Portrait of WITTMANN BATTENFELD Turkey


innovations 2/2008
innovations 2/2008


  • WITTMANN Acquires Battenfeld
  • Robots Assisting Livestock Farming
  • Heavy Weight Parts for MC 70-80
  • New: COOLMAX Cooling Units
  • Special Requirements for the Network Control
  • Changing Parameters for Different Materials
  • The First IML System in India
  • WITTMANN Canada's Opening Ceremony
  • US Branch, and the Australian Agents


innovations 1/2008
innovations 1/2008


  • Bearing Challenging Recycling
  • Produktion of Seat Adjustment Rods
  • Drive Engineering for Robots
  • A New Home for WITTMANN Canada
  • IML: Reinventing the Ice Cream Container
  • Materialversorgung: Material Feeding
  • Our Branches in Hungary and Switzerland


innovations 3/2007
innovations 3/2007


  • MAS Beside-the-Press Granulators
  • The New WITTMANN Headquarters in Mexico
  • The New TEMPRO plus C Series
  • The New R8 Robot Control
  • FEEDMAX Loaders for the Clean Room
  • New Robot Functions
  • The Truth About Blender Economics
  • Stack Mold Systems
  • Our Branches in Brazil and Spain


innovations 2/2007
innovations 2/2007


  • Ulitmate Process Security
  • Automating Structural Foam Molding
  • Tempering Beyond the Boiling Point
  • Cost Efficient Drying
  • Granulators for Special Recycling Applications
  • The New WITTMANN Blender Line
  • Our French Subsidiary
  • Our Branches in Southeast Asia
  • Quality Control: Our Climate Chamber


innovations 1/2007
innovations 1/2007

Production and Quality Control in Medical Technology

  • Injection Molding Process: Pulsed Colling Rules
  • A Complete System for BOSCH
  • Inline Recycling of Sprues
  • Our Branches in Germany
  • Our Branch in Canada
  • Dryers: Quality Control


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